The magical power of truffle oil

The magical power of truffle oil


The simple mention of the word “truffle” and your mind immediately associates it with rustic images from the Périgord countryside in the southwest region of France and the renowned odorous white truffle aroma of Alba, in the Piedmont region in Italy. Since the Greeks and Romans times these mysterious fascinating fungi have been used in Europe as delicacies, aphrodisiacs, and/or medicines.


It is an ultimate luxury product which provides finesse and originality to every gastronomic dish. Like the diamond, the truffle is found in the underground after a meticulous, long and passionate quest, that’s why it is also called “the black diamond”.


The powerful taste of truffle oil


But you don’t need to have fresh truffle at home every day to enjoy the magic power of truffle. Truffle oil is a perfect alternative. Truffle oil is made of a neutral base oil such as grape seed, sunflower or olive oil and some truffle crumbles (or even synthetic truffle aroma when it is a low quality offer). This combination will give the flavor of truffle and bring a fabulous twist to the merest potatoe puree or to the most simple risotto.


A few drops of this precious oil and you will turn around any culinary preparation into a magic moment of exception and subtlety.

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