The benefits of free-range chicken

The benefits of free-range chicken



Today, chicken is the most consumed meat in the world, but free-range chicken is considered as a delicacy compared to the quality of basic chicken.


The agricultural industry has developed intensive methods to breed chickens massively, in close confined arrangement of rows and columns of identical cages connected together sharing a poor quality diet. Despite the total lack of respect of the living conditions of the animal, the meat output of those “battery” chicken is very low in terms of quality, taste and texture. As the battery chicken will be cull young after a quick growth, its meat will be soft, tasteless and will lose a lot of water at cooking (giving dry texture to the meat).


In opposition to the “battery” poultry, the free range chicken is raised outdoors, in small groups, on grassy and shady areas. They have a shelter but its purpose is to protect the animals from predators. Free range poultry is fed with a natural food made of cereals and vegetal proteins from the farm. Lastly, as the free range chicken will be culled older, its meat will be nutritious, firmer, less watery and eventually more tasty.


How to enjoy your free range chicken?


The free range chicken can be enjoyed roasted in the oven, divided in pieces, marinated with spices or simply with olive oil and Provence herbs. It is the perfect meat to embellish your dishes with any kind of side. For generations, the “poulet roti” or roasted free range chicken has been one of the favorite French meals enjoyed by all members of the family.

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