SUMMER Easy fried zucchini flower recipe

SUMMER Easy fried zucchini flower recipe

Serves 4 persons

Preparation time : 20 minutes



- 10/12 zucchini flowers

For the donut dough :

- 1 egg

- 1 tbsp of olive oil

- 15cl of milk

- 125g flour

- oil for frying



1. Prepare the donut dough: beat the egg, incorporate the flour and oil, then the milk, stirring constantly. Leave to stand for one hour at room temperature.

2. Wash the zucchini flowers and remove the pistil in the middle, taking care to remove the tail at the same time.

3. Heat the frying oil in a saucepan or deep fryer.

4. Dip the flowers in the batter and immerse them in the frying pan for 2 to 3 minutes. Turn them over on the other side when they start to brown, drain them on absorbent paper and enjoy.

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