Scallop tartar with orange jelly

Scallop tartar with orange jelly

A very light and refreshing recipe full of vitamins, ideal as starter.


For 8 persons:



1- Rehydrate agar-agar in a bowl filled with cool water bowl during 10 minutes.


2- Squeeze 8 oranges to get 50 cl orange juice.


3- Heat up the orange juice, add the drained agar-agar and mix until the preparation is smooth. Let the preparation cool down.


4- Peel off the 2 remaining oranges, remove the white parts, cut each piece into 2 and keep aside.


5- Finely chop the onion and cut the avocado into small dice.


6- Cut the scallops into small dice of 7 mm side. Don't cut too small as we want to get a certain texture.


7- Chop the chive and coriander leaves.


8- Mix the scallop dice, the orange pieces, the avocado, the spring onion, the herbs and use salt and pepper. Place the tartar in nice glass verrines, pour the orange juice with agar-agar over each preparation. Place the verrines in the chiller and let them cool down during 15 to 20 minutes.


9- Serve with a few drops of lemon juice. Accompany with cress.

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