Salmon tartare with avocado and yuzu pearls

Salmon tartare with avocado and yuzu pearls

A refreshing and delicate tartare recipe associating salmon and avocado with the citrus taste of yuzu.


- 400 to 600gr salmon

- 2 pieces of avocado

- 2 tbsp chopped coriander

- 2 tbsp yuzu pearls

- 2 to 4 pinches espelette chilli pepper

- 2 to 3 tbsp lime juice

- 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

- salt & pepper




1- Dice the salmon and the avocado.

2- In a bowl, add the salmon, avocado, espelette chilli pepper, coriander, yuzu and the extra virgin olive oil.

3- Mix carefully and season with salt and pepper.

4- Keep in the fridge.

5- Just before serving, add the lime and toss carefully again, taste for seasoning.

6- Place the tartare nicely into glasses or plates, decorate with coriander and serve immediately.

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