Organic food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is very popular, probably more popular than in other countries. UAE residents are more and more health conscious and looking for high quality food.

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How to trust organic food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ?

How to trust organic food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ?

UAE is the perfect soil for dates and palm trees, but unfortunately do not enjoy enough rain to produce enough fresh fruits and vegetables for the growing population.


By selecting organic food, many UAE residents expect selecting the best quality. It is true provided the produce are certified by relevant authorities. European (AB label) or American organic labels (USDA) are very famous and very credible as their standards of certification are strict, demanding and high. Some other labels are much less serious with much lesser controls. Therefore, it is always advisable to ask about the certificate of origin and organic label before buying organic food in Dubai or the rest of the UAE.


However, premium quality produce is also a good source to enjoy high quality fruits and vegetables or organic honey for example. Even though produce may not be organic, however to ensure a high quality of taste, farmers have necessarily treated their production with the most care and attention and the less chemicals possible. Human size production and passion for quality work are the secrets of good food.