How to store your precious beverages in Dubai ?

How to store your precious beverages in Dubai ?



Wine storage in modern housing  


In modern society where most people live in apartments or villas with absence of cellar, wine storage can be a problem. Where to store the bottles making sure they will be at the right serving temperature?  How to ensure your precious beverages can be kept and aged in the conditions they deserve?


For 38 years, ever since 1976, EuroCave has set the worldwide standards of wine cabinets. Whether it is for “Grand Crus”, finely aged cheese or high quality cigars, EuroCave has a solution to recreate the same conditions as in the traditional old cellars.


Eurocave wine cabinets are specially designed to storing and aging your precious beverages in optimal conditions far from heat and light ensuring a constant temperature. Eurocave also provides a constant hydrometric, the right circulation of air, and the total absence of vibrations. Last but not least, Eurocave cabinets do not only offer a highly performant storage solution but also provide a stylish and elegant solution easy to integrate in any decor of house, apartment or yacht. 


Thanks to Eurocave cabinet, enjoy the best conditions for your finest bottles.

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