How to select the right smoked salmon ?

How to select the right smoked salmon ?



Smoked salmon is associated with a luxury Scottish delicacy highly appreciated for its soft and tender taste with subtle iodine and marine notes. It is a healthy product, beneficial for the cardio-vascular health. However, the agribusiness has greatly damaged the original taste, quality and image of the authentic smoked salmon from Scotland. 


Why is smoked salmon Scottish origin so important ?

The best salmon fish are to be found in the Scottish waters, especially in the lochs. Indeed, the Scottish nature does not only benefits of from a unique scenery made of misty hills and lochs but also offers a fantastic natural environment for fishes like salmon. The combination of salt water and fresh water in the lochs contribute to the exceptional flavor of the salmons originated from Scotland.


How is Scottish smoked salmon made?

Traditionally, smoked salmon is made from a fresh salmon filet, carefully coated with salt during a few hours and then rinsed with clear water before being smoked. This first salted step will determine the quality of the smoked salmon. In the industrial process, the salmon flesh is injected with a mix of water and salt in order to create a salty flavor and make it inflate artificially to gain extra weight. The artisanal method of smoking salmons is called “dry-cured”, this is the mention you need to look for when you are looking for authentic Scottish smoked salmon.


Smoking salmon involves exposing the salmon filet to a special “smoke” made of a secret burning wood mix such as beech or oak scented with juniper, heather or sage. This scented smoke will give the fillets a subtle combination of taste, aromas and texture. This method will not cook the salmon but will add taste and tenderness. In the artisanal method, the smoke is adjusted as per the quality and size of the salmon fillet quality.


How to eat smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is mostly served on canapé with a pinch of sour cream and fresh lemon juice. Smoked salmon with tagliatelle is also a mouth-watering recipe to appreciate the intricate aromas and flavors. Don’t forget to add capers, it will add an acidic touch bringing a nice contrast to the tenderness and softness of the salmon. 

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