Honey, pure nectar of Nature

Honey, pure nectar of Nature

Honey, the purest nectar from Mother Nature


Pure nectar of nature, honey is far more than just a natural sweetener, it has so many natural and health benefits that it is also considered as a talisman and a symbol in many cultures.




Harvested all around the world since the most ancient times, honey offers an infinite array of flavors, colors and textures. This is all due to the magical work of the little bee. Knowing that a bee covers a radius of 5km, it is quite easy to determine the nature of honey. If the hive is placed in an chestnut tree forest, the pollen extracted will definitely be perfumed by the chestnut flower essences, if the bee home is settled in the middle of a lavender field, the honey collected will develop very sweet and floral notes.  That’s how in some countries, you can discover and taste amazing exotic honey from baobab or niaouli.


However, the bee population has been facing a mysterious abnormal mortality rate for the past two decades around the world. Pollution, heavy usage of insecticides, chemical fertilizers, appearance of a lethal parasite are probably some of the main factors of this critical situation.   

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