Have you said "brie"?

Have you said "brie"?


Brie, originated from the French region of Seine-et-Marne, belongs to the soft cow’s milk cheese family. This soft cheese has a pale yellowish color under a white mold rind. Its flavor is very mild, soft and creamy. It can be compared to a soft form of camembert with a hint of butter. Actually, its flavor depends a lot on the ingredients used for its preparation and its producing environment.


There are currently forty varieties of Brie. They are produced using a common knowledge but each Brie cheese has its own specificity and character. Each village of the Brie region is able to bring a personal touch in the “making process” of this ancestral cheese. Thus, French Brie lovers use to say that “a Brie is never quite the same, neither quite another”. 


How to appreciate Brie cheese ?

As Brie cheese taste is mild, it goes very well with light flavored bread or nuts bread. To enhance the flavor of this French cheese, you can savor it with fresh fruits such as green, red grapes, apples or pears. You can also add some nuts or dry fruits such as figs, plums or grapes to your tasting. They will perfectly match the Brie flavor.

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