Edible flowers: color your dishes

Edible flowers: color your dishes

Sauces and creams

You can cook sauces and creams with edible flowers, it will give an original and refined taste to your dishes. Here, we are talking about vinaigrette, butter or cream sauces, white sauces, gravy sauce, fruit coulis, chocolate frosting, fruit salad juice, yoghurt and soft white cheese.

Soft and tender flower petals are used raw. You can chop them like herbs and add them to vinaigrettes or incorporate edible flowers in your crème fraîche or your soft white cheese.

Mixed fresh flowers are very good when they are thinly sliced. Small petal flowers can be added to cooking juices, lemon juice or even fruit juice. It is also very tasty in mustard, mayonnaise, soft white cheese and yoghurt.

Grinded to a powder dried flowers match perfectly with white sauce and vinaigrette. Soak or infuse dried or fresh flowers into water, milk, vinegar plus oil, alchohol or fruit juice. You can now use your flowers to cook vegetable and fruit coulis, juice, sauce and chocolate cream, toffy, thick custard or even salted sauce with crème fraîche like tomato sauce. Crystallized aromatics are perfect with gravy sauce and spicy salted sauce.

Sautéed and roasts

Flowers are often used according to their specificity : aromatic, herb or flowering spray, light vegetable, spices, canned flowers or concentrated aroma. Flowering sprays and inflorescences are gathered in a bouquet and often used with traditional aromatics as thyme and bay leaves.

Canned flowers are cooked as vegetables in cooking juices or roasted or sautéed meats. Flower powder mixes with oil, lemon juice or cooking juices that are used to brush meats and roasted poultries. Flowers and their petals can also be pan-roasted with vegetables or dice-sliced ham.