Duck Foie Gras with gingerbread toasts

Duck Foie Gras with gingerbread toasts



Ingredients for 12 small portions :

- 1/2 half-cooked duck foie gras terrine 

- 6 pieces of gingerbread special foie gras 

- 2 apples

- 10g of butter

- 1 pinch of ginger in powder

- 1 pinch of espelette chili pepper


1- Slightly toast your gingerbread slices with a toaster. 

2- Slice the foie gras terrine in half centimeter slice.

3- Place 1 foie gras slice on top of 1 gingerbread slice, make sure the gingerbread slices are well covered.

5- Nicely cut each toast into 4 small portions.

6- Wrap with clingfilm and set aside in the chiller.

7- Peel off and remove the center of the apples. Cut them into small cubes. Fry them with butter and spices (ginger and espelette chili pepper) in a frying pan. Slightly season with pepper and salt.

8- Once the apples cubes are soft, stop cooking and let them cool down.

9- Before serving pour a little scoop of the apple compote on top of each morsel. Enjoy !

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