Bresaola, a beautiful Italian delicacy

Bresaola, a beautiful Italian delicacy

The secret to get an excellent bresaola is to dry-cure the meat in a very specific natural environment where the balance between temperature and air circulation is optimized. That’s why bresaola della Valtellina (valley located in Lombardy in Northern Italy) carry the IGP label as a sign of recognition of its unique quality. Fresh winds from the Alps create the best conditions for gradual maturation of the meat.

Why is Bresaola considered as a very nutritious ingredient?

The round top is a very lean part of the beef, poor in fat, rich in iron, protein, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, bresaola is tender, light and easy to digest. It is regarded as one of the best delicatessens of the Italian cuisine. 

How to cook Bresaola ?

Bresaola should always be sliced the thinnest possible, 1 mm is the best. 

Then, a fresh rocket salad served with thin slices of bresaola with shaved parmesan, pine seeds, cherry tomatoes and seasoned with a mixture of balsamic vinegar (1 tbsp) and extra virgin olive oil (3 tbsp) is a pure healthy delight.

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