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Chicken and chorizo paella
Fan of Spanish cuisine ? Try this simple, easy to cook and delicious chicken and chorizo paella. You will delight your beloved ones. Disfruta ! 
Vitello tonnato alla Piemontese
There should be no single trip in Italy without having a vitello tonnato. One of the most delicious Italian classics. 
Hokkaido scallops carpaccio with uni (sea urchin) and yuzu pearls recipe
Give a Japanese accent to your dinner and impress your beloved one with this delicious, light and tasty recipe of Japanese scallops with sea urchins and yuzu pearls. 
White fish carpaccio recipe
Enjoy this super easy, delicious, healthy and light recipe of white fish carpaccio depending on the seasonnality and your mood !
King cake recipe
Make your own King cake following our delicious recipe. Dare it, it is easy ! You will impress your beloved ones !
Black truffle croque-monsieur recipe
Most probably, you already know the frittata, the risotto, the tagliatelle with truffle...Discover this super easy, original and delicious recipe of black truffle Croque-Monsieur !
Halloween recipe : mummy hot dogs with honey mustard
What about Hot Dog mummies for Halloween ? Isn't it a great idea of menu for your little ones ? 
Halloween recipe : Ghost cupcakes
Celebrate Halloween with originality and skills ! Surprise your little ones with unexpected delicious treasures ! Invite them to participate, they will love it !
Beef Tataki recipe
Tataki is a Japanese cooking technique that greatly inspired European cuisine. This technique preserves the taste of the food thanks to a cooking which allows a perfect raw / cook.  Gomashio is a salty seasoning base which can be used for rice, fish or meat.