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Beef Tataki recipe
Tataki is a Japanese cooking technique that greatly inspired European cuisine. This technique preserves the taste of the food thanks to a cooking which allows a perfect raw / cook.  Gomashio is a salty seasoning base which can be used for rice, fish or meat.
Pavlova with raspberries
Are you looking for a quick and delicious recipe to pamper your friends and families tonight ? Discover our pavlova recipe with raspberries.
Special ramadan : lamb tagine with vegetables
In light of the Ramadan festive season, enjoy this delicious and easy lamb tagine recipe and share memorable moments with your beloved ones.
Iced tomato soup with burrata
Enjoy this super fresh and delicious recipe of iced tomato sauce and burrata.
About our selection of mineral water
Get home delivered with high quality mineral water.
Yuzu and strawberry granita with coriander
Enjoy this delicious dessert recipe from us ! Very popular around the world, granita is a light, fruity and refreshing dessert to end any diner on a light and sweet note.Let us share the secrets with you .... pssttttt... 
Homemade financiers with red fruits
Looking for a new and delicious idea of dessert for this week-end ? Discover our recipe of homemade financiers with red fruits...
Avocado oil mayonnaise
Innovate and bring a green touch to your dish with this delicious avocado mayonnaise recipe !
Roasted walnut oil, pomegranate and apple vinaigrette
Discover this delicious dressing to enjoy with your green lentils or green leaves salads.
Sesame miso salad dressing
Get inspired by Far-East for this delicious light salad dressing to pair with almost everything !