Black rice "venere" - 500g

Terre Bormane Italy

Black Venere rice is different from common rice for its aroma and taste, but also for its characteristic high iron content and the presence of anthocyanins (hence its dark colour) that make it very healthy.

The grain is ebony black and the colour is totally natural. Like other varieties of oriental rice it is perfumed and its distinct aroma of freshly baked bread makes it a perfect accompaniment to both seafood and meat. Like all whole grains, it requires a fairly long cooking time (about 40 minutes) that can be reduced by previously soaking it in water or using a pressure cooker.

This rice is grown in Piedmont, Italy, though it has been used in China for centuries and was enjoyed only by the aristocracy at the court of the Emperor.

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Weight 500g
Specification Terre Bormane is a human size company which produces Italian fine food in the Ligury region, in the Northwest of the Italian peninsula, not far from the French Riviera. The microclimate and the soil of this region are the secrets of the unique taste of the olive oils, vinegars and maize produced by Terre Bormane. Thanks to the high quality of its products, Terre Bormane has conquered the tables of the chic Parisians "bistrots", the 5 stars hotels in New York or the minimalistic japanese restaurants.