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Barre infernale milk chocolate - 160g

Francois Pralus
__ AED 70.00 __

Another specialty from Maison Pralus is the Barre infernale, an incredible bar created by François Pralus, combining the crunchiness of chocolate and the creaminess of praline. Its secret is the special combination of a delicious praline filled with almonds or hazelnuts and coated with chocolate.

From the exceptional beans selected by himself, Francois Pralus produces around fifteen pure varieties and 4 blends. "I do everything myself says François Pralus, rather than buying from specialised suppliers." And he has gone even further since he now has his own cocoa bean plantation in Madagascar . François Pralus gives away one of his little secrets to give us a more precise idea of how he obtains the right flavour before he starts to manufacture: "I brew the cocoa in water, rather like making herbal tea and sweeten it slightly with sugar, then I leave it to settle. This gives me a precise idea of what the flavour will be like before I launch the manufacturing process."