Tuna sandwich

Need a change from sliced bread? Thanks to Secrets Fine Food, taste one of French varieties of breads to revisit the basis of this popular meal at lunch time, the sandwich ! A nice way to give some bite without sacrificing taste !

The ham and butter sandwich is a favorite for French people. It has been consumed over a billion times in France last year. As we tend to be in a hurry, we favor a quick lunch and eat a sandwich. But it is also possible to eat a healthy homemade sandwich with good fresh products.

To have a tasty sandwich, take the perfect bread: crispy, golden, with an airy and honeycombed crumb ... All the qualities of a French baguette worthy of the name. Then, don’t hesitate to spread some Echire butter, add Italian ham and some French cheese...“Voilà”, ready to eat (or “ready for lunch”).

  1. Pre-baked baguette "country" style 280g (frozen)
    Bridor France
    * Available
  2. Sundried tomato paste - 130g
    Ranise Italy
    * Available
  3. Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise - 500g
    * Available
  4. Pre-baked mini-baguettes Lenotre - 12 x 45g (frozen) - generic packing
    Lenotre France
    * Available