Pre-baked pur beurre croissants "all butter" - 6 x 60g per pack (frozen)

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The all-butter croissants are made of the best ingredients you can find to produce succulent croissants. The secret is to produce excellent croissants and ensure a very level of quality is to use a premium French butter, and the one used by Lenotre is produced in the renown AOP region Charente-Poitou.

Have the taste of France with pre-baked all butter croissants Lenotre - 6 x 60g per pack (frozen)

Once shaped, the Lenôtre croissants are then pre-proofed and immediately flash frozen. To enjoy flaky and buttery Lenotre croissants, we recommend to pre-heat your oven at 190 degrees and cook the croissants during about 10 minutes (depending on your over power capacity). Once their skin gets golden, your croissants will be ready for a fantastic breakfast as if you were in Paris.

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