Organic agave syrup - 250ml

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Agave syrup is the nectar of the Agave mexicana, a cactus sacred to the Aztecs, who offered it to the gods.

Agave mexicana, more commonly called maguey, was a true treasure to the Aztecs, supplying many of their needs. The fibres were used to make fabrics, the leaves crushed and made into pulp produced a white paper similar to papyrus, and the roots and the sap were used for food.

Agave syrup is obtained by pressing, filtering and warming the sap extracted from the leaves and the heart of the plant. Mayahuel was the Aztec goddess of maguey and fertility.

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Brands Terre Exotique
Weight 250ml
Specification Ingredients : 100% organic agave syrup
Suggestions for use : Its slight taste of honey and its texture are perfects to sweeten drinks or the bitterness of some food in salty recipes. It is also great to replace white sugar in any food.