Advent calendar filled with 24 pralines, pâte de fruit, amber and bake-apple creams and caramelised almonds - 190g

Mazet Confiseur France
Mazet’s French praline Appearance agenda has 24 canicule account of pralines, pâte de fruit, amber and bake-apple creams and caramelised almonds. The absorbing blithe backcountry illustrations accomplish this a agenda that’s fun (and delicious) for the accomplished family. Mazet is a affluence French confectioner, best accepted for authoritative the accurate and aboriginal ‘pralines’. Mazet has been bearing pralines and chocolates from their branch in Montargis back 1903. The compound for their acclaimed broiled and caramelised almonds is the aforementioned today as back it was invented for the cloister of Louis XIII in 1636, and Mazet is alike with this iconic French candy.
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Weight 190g
Specification Ingredients: Sugar, almond, amber mass, amber butter, hazelnut, accomplished milk powder, apricot borsch (apricot, antioxidant, citric acid), raspberry borsch (raspberry, sugar), blah syrup, pear borsch (pear, sugar, antioxidant: citric acid), honey, water, hazelnut mass, skimmed milk powder, gelling agent: pectin, coatings agent: acacia gum, shellac, antioxidant: citric acid, pistachio, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin, acacia gum, amber powder, unleavened aliment (potato starch, water), trimoline, egg albumin, accustomed boilerplate flavour, potato starch, alkali annual of Guerande, accustomed boilerplate powder, salt, applique aroma blend, tonka bean powder, accustomed boilerplate extract.