About Secrets Fine Food Mobile

Discover the finest products of France and Europe, and order food online in Dubai. Secrets Fine Food is your online grocery shopping and yacht delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


What is the common point between a handmade jam by Christine Ferber, a hand-churned butter from Jean-Yves Bordier, an extra virgin olive oil from Kalios or a fined-aged cheese from Herve Mons ? Perfection of taste, soil, origin, rarity and passion are the common points for those French masters, they also are the main criteria of my fine Fine Food selection.

Welcome to my online boutique. I am Stephanie Duriez, the owner and founder of Secretsfinefood.com. Here on my site, you have a unique opportunity to savour the same passion I have for fine food, and the masters that create it.

I, like these French masters, value the perfection of taste, that great food a la francaise demands. I have a lifelong enchantment with the delicious—indeed, I have spent years in search of the world’s most pleasurable and most satisfying taste sensations. These values are what have guided my Fine Food selection that I now bring to you, the general public, for the first time.

I vouch personally for the products on secretsfinefood.com: I personally met my suppliers before I offer them to you. These products are unique. They are the work of artisans and craftspeople; masters in their own field. They are limited in quantity, and are all to be found in the best terroirs.

They are the choicest varieties, traditionally produced, and are cultivated in remote areas, far from the pollution to be found in modern farming, for the best possible pedigree, quality and taste. This is why my products grace the finest restaurants in Dubai, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore…

Secretsfinefood.com does not use middlemen: I ship directly from the producer to my state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai and every item is guaranteed by its traceability record. This is why many of the products I offer have won prestigious awards and recognitions from agricultural ministries.

I invite you to try some of my delicious secrets of gastronomy.

Bon appetit !