2 Bourbon vanilla pods - 6 gr

Eurovanille Madagascar

Appearance : Pods. Bouquet : fragrant, rich and aromatic. Colour : brown, dark brown. Weight : 2 to 4 g per pod. Length: 16 to 20 cms.

Special features : presence of crystals on pod surface (sign of high quality)

Humidity : 25% to 35%, Rate of vanillin: 1.8 to 2%

The bouquet of the Bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar is fruity and carries a distinctive vanilla fragrance.

More Information
Weight 1 unit
Specification Eurovanille was created in 1990 by two brothers, Laurent and Olivier Bourgois. The company specialises in natural vanilla from cultivation to distribution.
Milk and cream: 2 pods per liter. Pods are ideal for any milk-based dish as the whole aromatic profile is enhanced. We advise an infusion in warm milk in order to bring out the full range of flavours. Cream and ice-cream: 2.5 pods per liter. Pods and extract are suitable for these types of dishes. Moreover, the presence of vanilla seeds enhances the visual aspect of your desserts. Chocolate: 4 pods per liter. Vanilla pods retain their full flavours and aromas in a ganache or chocolate preparation.